About xpeng

Nickname: xpeng

In 2013, he came into contact with video editing, and in the following years he started to be interested in special effects, and slowly came into contact with video effects through Andrew Kramer and FilmRoit.

In 2014, he started to be active in the rhythm game community, and now the rhythm game has become the most loved game genre.

At the end of 2015 moved he to Germany to study until now. And started to take over various simple video editing projects.

Joined Pigeon Games in February 2019, participated in UI, animation effects, level design, and PV production of the game Phigros.

In 2020, he worked as a cinematographer for “Apocalypse Day”, a team project produced by Rhinoceros Animation Studio (犀牛沱动画工房), and participated in the 2020 Little Universe Star Project (2020小宇宙星计划) held by Bilibili, winning a silver award.

2021 Coming Soon…